Thursday, February 10, 2011

location scout

one of the most wonderful aspects for me as a filmmaker is location scouting.

my obsessive pursuit for beauty amongst chaos & disrepair has led me here. this space is the key inspiration for the next wave of the feature i'm developing. my first feature. 

now that i've worked above the line on a couple of no-budget affairs it doesn't seem quite so daunting anymore. still, it's scary enough.

watch out zom rom com  fans as tentative footsteps are made into the subculture zeitgeist. there will be beauty, there will be horror. and splatter too, woven into a socio-political reflection. if you're subversive & slightly twisted -- there's post-apocalyptic comedy to be found. it depends on your sense of humour really.

a couple of old characters as previously seen in an earlier fast & furious punk monk propaganda film will be resurrected & fleshed out. so to speak.

once many more days have passed.

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