Friday, February 11, 2011

creative commons: boats

i'm a very big fan of social sustainability. sharing knowledge & beauty which form the ethos of creative commons are important to me not just as an artist & thinker but as a contributing member of society. what lies in the public domain is increasingly shrinking.  this is something which concerns us all.
it is always said in order to keep your house open for riches you must be happy to give away freely. but this is not my primary motivation.

as monsanto & like-minded patent obsessed companies representing the few who dominate this planet make it increasingly difficult to access free information, water & air [things we take for granted for survival, growth & happiness] the ability to document & commentate on our surroundings to facilitate all of the aforementioned becomes increasingly difficult. 

it's an active political decision not to copyright, not to own. an action of political empowerment. 

through the free flow of information we grow. why should greedy corporates have the monopoly on that? it is ultimately counter-productive to our ability to evolve as a species. and we could sure use some help.

the most subversive thing in the world is to open source, to give & share. only that way do we break this incessant cycle which grips us all. giving is one of the most liberating actions we can do in a world which actively encourages the opposite.

it's not that i don't value my work, on the contrary i do very much. as for photography: full res versions are always available if there's a commercial application for them. i'm pretty easy to track down.
i give this beauty freely to share as is the rest of the content on AWOL monk unless specified otherwise. all i ask is to be attributed according to the creative commons license visible on this site. it's that easy.

btw. i'm kind of obsessed with boats at the moment. can you tell? these are all located in the myall lakes district, NSW.

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