Monday, February 14, 2011

i have crabs

it's a hot humid february morning already in the mid north coast, NSW. the sun has only just risen.

waking in the cloistered confines of a tent, the sense of urgency to be cleansed is overwhelming. i can hear the call of the sea from where i am uncomfortably sprawled on the yoga mat. it is glued to my skin.

the beach is a one minute run over the dunes. save for souvenir tracks which lie in the wake of the park ranger, the beach appears to be empty.

after lying on the sand savoring the fresh saltiness of a morning swim, i roll over. the sensation of being watched is overwhelming. but it's not the hills that have eyes... it's the sand!

there are little sand crabs everywhere. timidly peeking out they scuttle forth to clean out freshly fallen sand from their burrows. like proud housewives they dance in unison timorously flicking debri from subterranean homes with industrious efficiency.

naturally i become quite excited. the only bummer is, i don't really have the right lens on me. the crabs are shy. whenever i move they hide. i snap away like a happy little sniper regardless, squealing like a little pig.

who's worse: me or the gull? quite the dilemma.

i leave. the deserted beach stares at me mockingly. a thousand pairs of eyes on my back.

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