Thursday, February 17, 2011

the many incarnations of love

 copyright: chris knox?

it took a new zealander to write what is quite possibly the best love song ever.

i ♥ chris knox.

this is another of my all-time favorite songs.

also by chris with his formative all-round DIY "dunedin sound" band "tall dwarfs"... an inimitable era in kiwi music: they hey day of flying nun. post toy love + trend forerunners the enemy.

chris knox has been an ongoing unreckonable force in the NZ music scene. in 2009 he suffered a severe stroke & has been in rehabilitation since. 

his slow but steady recovery is something of a miracle, but still the devestating impact of his health issues reach out & cast a dark shadow over his quality of life, creativity, family, friends & fans. last i heard he could still not use his voice to speak. others have spoken for him.

love affairs brim with many chapters. some more meaningful than others to others.

...before they end. and only the hollowness remains. 

the spring has not run dry yet old friend. in times of old, i have danced like a wild young thing in reverence at your annointed feet, sucking up the magic source. your brand of love, passion & insight will never die. it will live on in us.

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