Thursday, April 22, 2010

topography as art

created over 80 million years, the painted desert in south australia is a topographical abstraction, a geological wonderland. a series of ancient hills which once comprised the bottom of an ocean floor with a macro hyperrealism which truly supercedes the photographic medium.

cast in brilliant hues depending on the sun the prehistoric palette extends beyond yellow ochers, reds and browns sometimes leaching into greens and blues. a myriad of colors weaving into another. pigments which extend beyond an analogous paleolithic color fest. erosion made sexy.

best reached either 4WD via oodnadatta track or by chartering a plane from coober pedy. scenic air tours are also operated from william creek, home of my favourite pub on the planet. what's not to love about a hotel neighbouring a former 1950s atomic testing site?

thanks to creative commons for the pub pic. ♥

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