Monday, April 12, 2010

grievous bodily harm

gamma hydroxy butyrate and i have a very intense 2 degrees of separation relationship. it changed my life forever. and it wasn't even because i took it. it cost me literally hundred of thousands of dollars but more than that it almost cost me my sanity, my life.

someone i was once close to used it to train-wreck their own life and then consequently bring mine down with it. i still wear the fading scars & sometime my story will be told. just not today.

for those who don't know, GHB which is essentally floor stripper [GBL] mixed with drain cleaner [sodium hydroxide] is not an honorable drug. some drugs are arguably more equal than others and if there was a narcotics caste system, this would have to be down there in the gutter. i think even hammer has more integrity: there's a romanticism about the opiates which comes from historical context & ultimately the natural connection to the earth despite the trail of corruption which is inextricably interwoven in the production & trafficking process.

the home office in the UK finally banned GBL & other chemical solvents such as synthetic cannabinoids and piperazines at the end of last year. up until then there was actually a loophole which although illegal in australia enabled international mail-order B class drugs to be let loose on the date rape scene. remember dianne brimble?

september 2002: 24 hours after getting on a cruise liner she was dead from a fusion of alcohol/GHB which had been allegedly slipped into her drink by an unconvicted ring of sexual vultures seeking to enjoy the benefits of the disinhibition & sense of sexual freedom that the drug is associated with. before she experienced some of the less fortunate effects ie: permanent loss of consciousness, after engaging in multiple sexual activities which were documented on a seized reformatted memory stick from one of the eight involved perpetrators' camera. the men argued the sex was consensual but the retrieved graphic photos of brimble lying unconscious naked between men having lost control of her bodily functions clearly suggest otherwise. the jury was unable to make a verdict & brimble's drug-induced death fell into the quagmire of yesterday's news.

in the last 24 hours GBH re-emerged its ugly head back into my life via a friend & a handful of his pretty young things most probably being involuntarily drugged at a high profile CBD bar party in town yesterday.

after having lost consciousness upon passing out in the gilded confines of the stylin' establishment, they woke up several hours later found themselves at guildford. i don't even know where that is but i know it's certainly beyond the most flexible perception of the inner west boundary. and yes they did have on all their clothes & money. someone probably did spike their drinks for kicks. or just to get the party started...

noone remembers anything, except that they barely drank. but in a dreamlike phase remember becoming inhibition free semi-naked party animals. the rest, a non-existent void where confused re-entry into consciousness was permeated with slurring, amnesia, rambling incoherent speech, horniness. obviously this doesn't sound all bad & ultimately some would use it as a positive reinforcement or advertising, unless you never wake up again or while you were sleeping you mysteriously become pregnant etc. this can obviously happen on alcohol too but then that's your choice.

from my experience drug dealers, sexual predators or party promoters don't care so much about that. it's all about dollar return on the investment and how many tens of thousands they make back from their much smaller initial one. in the end it is just a numbers game, part of the business model.

so watch your drink & trust your instincts re: instant friends bearing gifts. PS. intuition doesn't work so well if already in a sedated state. if you want an excuse to take your pants off or run amok, do it when you're conscious and aware so you can remember all the fine details afterward.

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