Saturday, April 17, 2010

signs speak to me

dell pwns geeks @eveleigh markets... or would like to. as a retired bnet clan leader there was no evidence of my brethren this morning as i wandered around the bays, curious.

150 million of gamers are allegedly PC platform. dell wants a piece of that action bad. and who wouldn't? with 3D screens rolling out which will ultimately affect the home theatre environment, there's a massive market driven by the gaming community.

dell's subsidiary alienware was set up in the late 90s specifically to bleed edges & to bite off a piece of the massive sci-fi influenced demograph who gets their X files etymological references & customised high performance computer systems complete with wings & gills.

but didn't that show end in like the early 00s ultimately losing its longest-running sci fi series mantle in US broadcast history to the stargate franchise? maybe we'll see dell acquiring & manufacturing brands with SG wormhole nomenclature soon... now that's a clan challenge worth waiting around for.

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