Friday, April 30, 2010

[bad bad] guilty pleasure

because i'm a weak human & ardent lover of aesthetics sometimes i fall prey to the power of consumerism. no matter how hard i try to resist. how much i know. even when there's a much more politically conscious use of my scarce dollars. usually i'm very good, like that little girl with the curl who was very very good when she was good but horrid when not. occasionally i fail. hard.

you see i've always been a sucker for prada. i love lines. i love fashion. mostly vintage. generally i love everything about prada clothes, sunglasses, footwear, styling, OMG OMG... everything [has manic ab fab moment]... and i love their models. 

so many things tell me why i shouldn't identify with or desire girls who look like they're jon-benet ramsey going on twelve [rasa zukauskaite - the face of prada's spring 2010 campaign is actually eighteen] dressed up as glam hoes in costuming which would pay off my rent for a year. we're down-shifting into smaller footprints right? i'm all about affluenza. my first documentary "aliennation" was about it. 

thing is i'm a frustrated superficial monster trapped in an activist's body. a hypocrite dying to get out. of the closet. and i want. therefore i am. human.

now i shall go down to the garden & eat worms. big fat shiny ones. with fuck-off hipster glasses. let's not get started on the shoes.

*slaps self*


  1. I'm a whore in the house of rayban. I just can't take those wayfarers off my face.

  2. and why would you? they look so good on.