Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a curable social disease?

some australian stats: 105 thousand people per night. half of those are under 25. is it a disease? it could be argued yes. is it curable? yes. does everyone want to be "rescued"? most definitely no. nor should they be.

not quite zombies these are the homeless. those that most pretend not to see, not to slow down for like the uncomfortable accident site they represent. society's fearful poster people for failure: "if you don't work hard every day, this could be you".

the concept of home is relative. for most it represents a physical structure which provides shelter where other essentials such as food are prepared and enjoyed, belongings can be stashed and displayed, where competition continues. the survival of the fittest. of the joneses.

a home is a symbol. a state of mind. a refuge. this could be a cardboard box or it could be a palace. different horses for courses. some more hollow, less warm than others.

personally i think homelessness is a symbol of freedom, the end of servitude but certainly it doesn't ring true for all. an equally viable life choice is the decision to live as a nomad outside of the system we choose to operate in as a society. when i grow up i want to be a bag lady. through choice. not necessity.

but amongst that enormous number are an increasing percentage rendered helpless outside of their control through changed financial or personal circumstance. abuse or family breakdowns are often at the forefront of the increasing number of people seeking help for a homeless assistance service. the people to truck out into the far reaches of the west in dachau-like truckloads during the olympics [lest our visitors see].

the hunting ground staple for churches when no-one else is left to fill the unjust gap. religion loves to recruit from the bottom down with the needy and poor. it's the backbone. some actually believe in their own philanthropy & are blind to the buzzard mantle they wear.

which is why we all need to shut up. just for a day. that day is may 14. hush for homelessness. my friend mia is holding a silent film screening to help support the cause in conjunction with the national event.

ultimately home is where the heart is. if a heart is broken, then smashed & ground into the gutter then everything else can quickly be rendered obsolete. we could be there next too. and it might not be our choice [so work hard].

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