Friday, April 30, 2010

poor little matchstick girl

alex papasavvas & clare devlin mahoney - lost

no people...on the walls. or any other surface. despite numerous photos everywhere. yet the gallery was packed last night as peeps flocked through the doors to savour excellent photography with no face. yet still implied human value.

the digital consumerist age has placed photography in the hands of the masses, more so than ever. the incredible proliferation of trigger-happy portrait snaps with an inverted signal to noise ratio littering the interwebs is increasingly out of whack. still, there's nothing more subjective than art.

jason SG white - dreams

"no people" at the vanishing point shares stories of being with delicious fragmentation. freshly delivered bite-sized pieces whet the palate enabling those who interact with the pieces to conceive their own complete meal: whether it's mcdonalds for one or ancini balls for another.

take an abandoned box of empty matches on a city street. add imagination. spark & stir. desaturated in name but not in nature. thanks for the colorful ingredients punk monks' alex & clare. the only thing "lost" about your zine was it, buried under the delighted throes for the night. it was hard to get a clear shot in [with my happy-snap phone camera].

sue storry - sixteen people

i just love the vibe at ATVP gallery. it's the iconic centre of a hub which shows the inner west has truly arrived. the wankers can keep the eastern suburbs. 

this dynamic vibe & humming space are testament to the entire buzz which is sweeping the gutter edge of the city. the artistic expression is free. there's an unpretentious honesty when a gallery asks for donations for the wine & the people pay. they really are there for the art. and it's worth it.

the group exhibition curated by alex wisser via contemporary art inc opened last night and is part of the ambitious HEAD ON photo festival involving 67 venues showcasing local and international photographers across all genres. no people runs till may 16.

no people
at the vanishing point
565 king street
[02] 9519 2340

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  1. Awesome stuff Vic, thanks heaps.

    Thanks also to the donors, keeps the doors open so that we can concentrate on putting together cohesive exhibitions.

    Check it out everyone, ends May 16.