Tuesday, August 18, 2009

urban epiphany

sometimes one just needs a different view of the city for once hidden avenues to be revealed. a change of perspective can have a magnimonious impact on the entire macroverse.

for more street philosophy, astra taylor's documentary examined life which follows a series of contemporary philosphers wandering modern metropolises & providing their own bent on modern culture is playing at this year's possible world's canadian film festival, one night only, this saturday.

there's a Q & A + screening of canadian short film frog [dir. austin andrews] with guest appearance by sydney screenwriter, matthew clayfield. i will be there, amongst others to soak up the gutter spawned wisdom.

later at the red rattler, our punk monk propaganda tribe in conjunction with the canadian film festival in honour of counter culture doco, know your mushrooms are also creating an installation & overall ambience for the event.

come dance in the fly agaric mushroom circle with us crazy conciousness traversing faeries & soak up the magical projections... cult director rod mann is also flying out from canada for the screening.

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