Saturday, August 29, 2009

trawling memories

am about 12 blogs behind with innumerable food/film reviews to post but incredibly time-poor due to increased social dependency on the city nightlife & work enslavement. the manifestation of emotional turmoil must end about here. last time i was this irresponsible & lived as a professional social butterfly was about ten years ago. here is the photographic evidence.

taken in london circa 1999. the astoria hotel. daft punk or roni size. on LSD. my girlfriend K & i. my how we pwned that town... these days i just get drunk & fall over a lot. and am a lot more reliant on dim lighting & over-exposed film.


  1. Ha! I have the color version of that (cropped) from 31/05/1999 that you sent me still.

    That was a long time ago.

  2. I also still have that elbow picture. We should do a follow up now, 10 years later, and I can see how my theory is holding up!

  3. si, could you please send me a digitised copy of the colour version. i no longer have it... TY