Friday, August 7, 2009

it's xanadu!

my bestie stevie & i dusted off our vintage skates, grabbed a handful of fun-loving friends & hit the roller disco at carriage works this week. wrong prom #4 was all about xanadu & so were we. there was a massive disco ball which brought out extreme freudian envy... so much cheese, so much fun.

if i have time between work, french lessons, tending to my bandaged skate injuries & the city to surf run this weekend, i'll try to cut a little film to screen for KINO on monday. that's a big if.

in the meantime here's a tiny morsel which i threw together on adobe premiere pro just now which i'll probably never use again due to its complete lack of intuitivity. this is raw with a capital "R". still she's so damn cute i couldn't resist...

twirl girl from punk monk propaganda on Vimeo.

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