Tuesday, August 11, 2009

church of KINO

sometimes i feel like i belong to an evangelical society -- such is the unstoppable feel-good tide which is the underground film movement, KINO & the associated reverence it creates amongst its followers.

last night was KINO #29 which was held at new ΓΌber venue fraser studios, just behind the clare on broadway, skirting the fringe of sydney's CBD [where we ultimately ended up before the adorable dregs made it back to mine at the corner shop for an impromptu hot chip cooking session].

eighteen short films screened head-lined by incredibly talented jack's wonderful tribute to HP lovecraft [just selected for the 5th singapore short film festival] which irrevocably raised the bar for the night. still there were many other great films to follow including punk monk andy's oficially popping his KINO cherry with twisted love ballad, "a little shitty animation."

the very french & venerable leader miss marianne MC'd to a crowd of 150 peeps whilst matt projected & shone, karina expertly organised & punk monks clare & alex made crepes for all whilst the rest of us downed whiskey upon whiskey [or coopers beer] courtesy of will at the jamesons bar. the festivalists continue to place their indelible & delightful film stamp all over sydney town.

in my crippled introverted sobriety i mostly hung quietly by my prized heater spot at the front where the ever lovely stephen C & i shared a blankie under the pulsing short cinematic wave whilst giant incandescent cubes glowed all around us in picture perfect warehouse chic.

as promised, i also made a little experimental film just for fun with stevie the night before. a tribute to our night out earlier in the week where we hit the 80s themed roller disco at carriageworks in full furore & i just happened to have my trusty mobile phone...

roller punks from punk monk propaganda on vimeo.

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