Monday, August 10, 2009

secret hangover fix

meet the italian bowl: our trusty neighbourhood restorative all day/night lunch spot for times where delicious low-frill carbohydrates need to be delivered fast unto one's plate before the wrath of the night before threatens to explode all over an empty table. BYO berocca.

this is my number one comfort culinary crash pad. a mediterranean mcdonalds but where the food actually tastes good & you can tell where it once came from [probably not a brazilian rain forest]. funnily enough there is a supersize option but i've never needed to go there.

the penne arrabiata [$10.00] is a stock favourite & the prawns with garlic, chilli & wine in linguine [$14.00] are sublime yet simple. this unassuming hole in the wall also does a bunch of other dishes apart from pasta but i've never managed to go beyond the risotto. the risotto was good but i'm 100% addicted to the instant carbs on demand.

newtown offers a plethora of fast friendly food joints but our second home "the pasta bowl" as we call it, is a high rotation spot where feeding two hungry but picky locals & leaving us full, content and glowing like content cheshires for under 25 bucks total is a tough call even in this neck of the woods.

the wonderful staff banter is all the dessert one usually needs but the tiramisu is worth an exploratory foray if you've got the stomach of a delicate ox.

the italian bowl
255 king st, newtown
tel: +61 [02] 9516 0857

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  1. How cheap is that ! must hang in Newtown a bit more...prices are way better than Surry Hills too.