Tuesday, August 24, 2010

world famous in condobolin

copyright: condobin argus

so here's a really unflattering pic of me & a handful of talent lurking in the depths of the outer regional rim of NSW. my students. we were thrown together under an intensive timeframe & created a film together a week ago for the play now act now programme [it will be up on the site from september 01].

it was a lot of fun, they blew me away with their passion for story telling and we made the local paper. not a lot happens in this small town.

there is actually something that looks like tumbleweed blowing down the mainstreet but it has massive prickles. the scarred indents in my legs & arms bear testament to this fact after scrambling along the ground, mobile phone in hand with jack [on the far left] under the blustering sky like a paratrooper in search of the perfect shot. which we got.

i'll update when the film officially goes live. we could use your votes. if you like it.

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