Friday, August 20, 2010

condo casks

last week i was in condobolin, or condo as the locals call it, rural NSW about seven hours west of sydney as the crow flies.  this is the drink of choice when they get thirsty. often on the street in groups on squashed cartons for seats. a sense of community of sorts in a small interbred town full of stories & insurmountable pride.

there's a lot of social issues in this place which mostly revolve around drug & alcohol abuse. unemployment & school dropout rates are high. high school stats indicate that 48% of the population are aboriginal but the census tells a different story. another renegade town on the edge of the regional abyss. there are different rules out here. shades of cyberpunk satellite towns: gateway to the wild badlands.

at less than one dollar a litre it's easy to imagine a lot of late night soul searching at the bottom of the shimmering bladder. cheaper than petrol: which is sniffed at epidemic proportions further to the west and north. nothing down there but broken dreams.

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