Friday, August 20, 2010

rose coloured glasses

these were in the mailbox the other day when i returned to sydney from my various adventures out of town. rose coloured glasses. just in time. depression is a debilitating & dangerous thing, especially in my secretive skilled hand[s]. i wonder if i should put them on now?

sadly when i did so the first time & headed obediently to the website as directed, i found a rather unsavory & anti-climactic sight... insurance pimping. one of my greatest ires.

to the agency who wants me to whore out your "lifewise" fear concept on my blog: you'll just have to do better. i will not advocate or support the continuation of these subversive campaigns to undermine what beauty & freedom to be reckless there is left in this world. but sure i'll blog what i think about this.

fuck you and your "what if" & risk calculations [you make me want to eat broken glass and defenstrate] and the ever increasing safety margins that encroach the ability to live dangerously in this world. i want to walk to the edge of the cliff and look up AND down. fuck your barriers. fuck your nana mentality. if i fall and die i promise not to posthumously sue your company. or the council. or myself. and nor will my daughter or cats.

so australia is under-insured. according to who? the financial services council. according to them 95% of australian families don't have enough cover. i'd rather have my family sell our meager chattels, whore themselves on the street in the wake of my untimely death than being enslaved to another unnecessary bill designed to promote reliance on a centralised system rather than self-responsibilty. there's plenty of pink bits there. porn keyboard cat: now there's a market.

oh and i'm keeping the glasses. is that OK?


  1. so insurance is trying to be cool now, huh? way to lay the verbal smackdown on (in my opinion) the worst industry in the world. behind almost every nasty, restrictive and anti-human law in the developed world you'll find the manipulations of an insurance company. fuck them in their dirty arseholes.

  2. I think it's a little bit selfish. Life insurance is not for you, it's for your dependants. So buy life insurance while your daughter is kid and stop paying for it when she's grown-up...

  3. perhaps we can only truly be responsible for ourselves. if even that.

    perhaps parenthood isn't quite what we have made of it. with all of its binding/blinding obligations mere artifices of society we put on like a giant birdcage coat. or even life for that matter.

    what if we have opened the entirely wrong programme and are watching the marriage of figaro following madam butterfly's map? there are other possible worlds. no absolutes.