Thursday, August 5, 2010

the feast of trimalchio

indulgent. blatantly hedonist. the erotic fetishised commodification of ancient gaius petronius arbiter's satyricon paradise. 

an advertiser's wet dream offering glimpses of the idealised shimmering carrot, billions of have nots slave from nine to five for 70% of their lives, whilst moneyed darlings in abstract boredom luxuriate in the unsustainability of consumptive heaven in the guise of a superlative timeless hotel, languidly dipping their toes into the perfectly manicured hands of equally flawless slaves. and the tidal waves roll in... 

what's not to love about the ironic stylized feast of trimalchio served up on a hyper-angelic aryan/nubian platter of perfection with a superficial glossy embrace?

AES+F's satirical homage was the piece de resistance of my last day on cockatoo island to soak up sydney biennale's twilight hour. a technicolor riefenstahl-esque nine channel 360 degree video installation in an expansive industrial building at the back of the old shipyard on cockatoo accompanied by a symphonic orgasm which is beethoven's 7th, allegretto.

mind blowing for all the senses picking up where united colors of benetton left off & david la chapelle meets pierre et gilles continue in some sort of age-old new world order offering of aesthetic material perfection. the empire which gave us cosmonauts takes it up into the next level. beautiful, entrancing, captivating, terrifying. epic.

A arzamasova, tatiana
E evzovlich, lev
S svatsky, evgeny
F fridkes vladimir

cmon, take a bite eve.

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