Friday, August 6, 2010

longer lasting bigotry in politics

fiona patten of the australian sex party: copyright EPA

when i first saw the video below yesterday it made me angry and i curled up with tight illness gripping my stomach [but it won fiona patten as pictured above a very big fan]

for a moment i visited the polarized world where two wrongs don't make a right but it doesn't matter & then deigned to position myself above on a floating white carpet of light above the murderous eugenics gutter where i wanted to reside. then i laughed. before proceeding to rant... 

aaah, wendy francis & family first political party. sadly this narrow mindedness reaches beyond the vineer operating in this country primarily peopled by conservative bigots. remember the cronulla riots? pauline hanson? and their wild "success" as followers crawled out from barely hidden cracks. southern cross tattoos and australian flags.

what i love is that the family first party are crowing about winning the live debate versus the sex party on sunrise. something about subjective realities.

now, if you argue about the proposed internet filter which will effectively throw australia into the internet dark ages, you're a child pornographer. that's brute political logic. meanwhile civil liberties rapidly shrink into some malevolent new world order where freedom of speech is rewritten like george orwell's napoleonic cardinal laws, like the bible in a shadowy beveled representation of the original words.

australia first/one nation & family first are unarguably throwbacks to reduced aryan principles dumbed down to the needs of fearful, religiously pious & uneducated. another reinterpretation of the bible for lawful thugs. ironically a bunch of losers who can't win at anything else. ants [to which i do a disservice in the analogy] incapable of acknowledging that beyond their own pitiful egos in a much greater world at large.

wendy francis: for longer lasting free society sex 

wendy francis although an ignorant small-minded idiot who is incapable of the fundamentals of logical argument or obviously retaining or absorbing any information outside of her secularized good book version scarily represents a hidden majority. 

if you look closely you can see her ku klux clan robes beneath her fabricated mediocrity. the witch hunters live. wendy francis with her marriagable backbone and thwarted concept of free society is not just salem's lot but ours.

i celebrate her freedom of speech. the more she says the more ridiculous they look. but i am the all-seeing minority, a "radical green" whose very existence and lifestyle undermine the core principles of this nation.

if family first were ever the government my bi-partisan choices would undoubtedly be the stake or the gas chamber. as would the majority of my friends. and it's only one degree of separation, perhaps two before they hold the balance of power between the two dominant parties. religion and state. the ultimate marriage.

an elusive 16% of undecided voters hangs over this nation's fate. a country too afraid to change the system & look beyond the artifices of political dualism and weekly mortgage repayments to the much bigger issues which truly bind us all. in the face of the dire comic nature of the state and system it seems any wonder that anyone bothers to vote anymore. while the sheep flock the ever alienated shepherds look longingly to the hills. 

but the citizens must vote. regardless of whether the system works or not the illusion of choice must be broken through and wielded at all cost. 

when all else fails we should just have lots of pre-apocalyptic sex. eloquent fiona patten of the australian sex party [who practices more than she preaches - take note sunday schoolers] was a shining paramour of logical sensibility and decorum] & bob brown of the greens are welcome to the entire collection of my fertile eggs. 

let's make a clone army of well considered free speaking environmental loving social deviants & bring george lucas along for the cinematic ride. he's all about defeating storm troopers. people fuck for jesus don't they? just don't try explaining it to wendy's four year old.

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