Wednesday, September 8, 2010

spider bite - twelve days on

so my pins aren't exactly looking their best these days. i've developed a cankle this week leaving a mismatched effect in boots & most footwear for that matter. not to mention the limp. this is what lies beneath. 

the question is: is it getting better or worse? it actually feels like my flesh is being eaten but perhaps that's just my overfertile imagination. it hurts. fear of hospital & medical intervention with fantasies of a future path in amputee devotism shake me somewhat although there is macarbe entertainment in the contemplation. 

so i'm not sure the standard wound care with additional hypericum or rosehip oil is really cutting it. my leg is now rather swollen with purple mottling which is indicative of necrosis according to the interwebs. like every other sucker i've managed to self-diagnose myself into a state of rabid fear. this is what rabbits feel like in front of approaching headlights.

i am weak & would probably kill myself if my leg had to be sawed off. not that vanity could in anyway be justified from these unlikely shots. marilyn monroe would be horrified.

wild ruminations of a visit to hospital don't focus in the same fun way i often consider self-checking into a sanitorium for the weak-minded & fellow misfits. there's no finger painting in the flesh eating disease wing.

if this were a CYOA and you had a similarly justified suspicion of the medical/pharmaceutical industry knowing their statistics for medical misadventure armed with lashings of hastily researched knowledge. what would you do? does it involve alcohol... or finishing the film you've shot to be exhibited in three days. you can still make films with no legs right?

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