Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the greener screen [now in black & white]

the greener screen... everyone's pimping their eco warez these days & film being an incredibly wasteful industry is a prime candidate for a major production overhaul. emerging trend spotters & pioneers of issues to champion, NSW prime film educator/facilitator, metroscreen, was in on the act this week running a series of proactive green screen workshops from their always humming beehive hub.

the greener screen is all about sustainable practice in the creative screen industries & goes far beyond the mandatory lip service corporates often deliver whilst mincing words between other contradictory indulgences.

from the reduce, reuse & recycle mentality emerges practical working solutions from pre pre-production, through to the marketing & distribution of the final project. people are starting to become not just interested so they can stick another logo on their credits and pat themselves on the back whilst crossing boxes but actually genuinely make a difference & minimise cost/waste simultaneously, ID inefficiency and produce both a film and modify impact ecologically in the long term. it is possible. i was there, on the fringe. there were others. we ate delicious vegetarian finger food together.

punk monk propaganda were the invited installation artists for the metroscreen event which we snapped up since it has a little bit of everything we love all at once. in association with the bower we created an art work from entirely salvaged items to enhance a cooperative eco-interaction environment. clare & alex conceived & shopped. 

on the day, alex diligently demonstrated that being a scout has excellent rope work advantages later in life & together we made this mutant incarnation... we considered calling it something obscure & typically wanky but "why run when you can barely balance" seems to have stuck & seems strangely appropriate.  

green screens don't just have to be for bad mashups or CGI laden films. if you reduce saturation they can be B & W. is that a bastardisation of eco i wonder?

for further future forward metroscreen events contact kate taylor, network co-ordinator.

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