Thursday, September 2, 2010

baiku = haiku on wheels

punk monk propaganda recently met with the watershed as featured artists for the very soon to be officially launched sustainable bike library sponsored by sydney city council and marrickville council. collaborative consumption: it's an incredible initiative which continues the inner west on its upwardly mobile grass roots trajectory.

bike share is a system which has been hugely popularised in europe notably france via the centralised vélib for years, and recently in canada [bixi] which also has a strong community base for such intermodal endeavors. our cargo bikes are enormous and on first impression seemed quite ungainly but testing has shown them to be an enormous hit & much more weildly than they initially appear.

clare, alex & i faced the fun task of determining our design theme & being hands on with paint & brushes being limited to a monchromatic palette [so the bikes all match]. we even played with a few stencils here and there[no mean feat on a cylindrical surface]. we set up a frame in the kitchen of the corner shop which serves as punk monk HQ and got to work on our travelling haiku concept after shortlisting our handwritten collection we'd written together.

baiku is the end result of our wistful creative toil & will be unveiled following the public launch tomorrow with the other artist contributed bikes [friday september 3rd] where we'll have morning tea with the respective mayors, clover moore and sam iskandar and celebrate local government supported initiatives to keep our city and space a lttle more progressively green.

the bike library runs out of the watershed in newtown 231 king street and these incredible bikes with/without trailers can be borrowed for errands, adventure, shopping or taking the kids [big and small] for a group excursion. they're a bit like a travelling circus. the bike library charges a one off joining fee of ten dollars for residents and businesses alike and bikes can then be borrowed for periods of up to three hours for free.

the watershed
218 king street
newtown, sydney
02 9519 6366

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