Thursday, September 9, 2010

the cat with two bowls

[140 char. bite-sized film <5mins]

with conFICTION KINO regular, punk monk propaganda's victoria waghorn delivers random slices of life from around the world around her. much like the characterisation of any short film.

extract from KSZ #03 [kino sydney zine]

sketchy the cat gazed happily out into the golden hour from his balcony vantage point atop the world summit [at least in his reality].

his unprecedented arrival disturbed the swooping cockatoos who squawked their disapproval as they flew off to meet the rising sun.

leaving more than footprints, spent seed shells rattled on the balcony rails in their wake.

a solitary chair basked under the warming rays forcing the last stubborn shards of frost to run. noone rushed to sit, it was still too cold.

metal flowers rose like ancient stonehenge dancers to salute the backlit séance of the moon. invisible bees humming to their ghostly beat.

under the water tank overflow into a recycled tub teeming with slo mo mosquito juveniles a slimy hose impersonating a broken tap, dripped.

meanwhile the feline breakfast bar lay uncharacteristically neglected. that fat cat was having way too much fun soaking up the view.

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