Friday, September 17, 2010

some kind of synopsis

in lieu of a "real" blog as i'm seriously time pressured, this is what i've been doing lately. me = producer & editor for feature art doco "queer street" with outsider artist christina conrad:

in her words --

Queer Street is a 75 minute documentary. 
An outsider artist takes us on a shocking journey.
She was an angry baby,
her mother fed her on boiled silver beet juice. 
she had no milk in her breasts 
her sister had sucked her dry. 
In the body of an obsessed child the artist wept into her oat porridge,
made islands in sour milk,
thus  provoking  prophetic words
from the mouth of her Mother.
Mark my words child 
you will land in Queer Street .
She was in Queer Street ,  
gas lamps  hissing. 
Weirdly lit shadows leapt down dark precipitous streets
their eyes whirlpools
their hearts strung on fetid cords  -
their minds hideously lit
floating in the brackish waters of
broken dreams.   

This story is told  - some times in bardic tongue, 
some times in childlike tongue. 
The artist tells of her quest to find that well of apocalyptic energy
She must find a way to conduct the flames of inspiration
Conduct the flames or die.  
Bound in a common cocoon, of moral, mental and psychic conditioning
instilled by paltry dictators within a punitive educational system
righteously subjugating the hearts, minds , of their victims
obstructing the natural flow of  inspiration.
the artist ruthless  in her obsession to birth legends of life, death, 
must find a way to express the horrifying split between
the Eternal Mother & the obsessed Artist,

Blinded by her obsession. The artist left her children, husbands, lovers
to hack an invisible jungle of lost ideas - the  bloody tracings of souls torment. 
To give body to the voices of  those whose lives were taken ,
who died without a name

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