Friday, September 10, 2010

special delivery

so i'm sitting facing the film edit which needs to be done in 24 hours for the opening of my group exhibition project gaia retouched with fellow punk monks clare devlin-mahoney & alex papasavvas. event = art riot for the inaugural sydney fringe festival. i suspect the only riot which will occur is my belated reunion with bed shortly after opening. for one reason or another we have been strangely parted in recent times.

pyjamas are de rigeur in this instance ie. editing. i've probably been in the same pose since 08:00 when there's a yell from the door. it's a courier not a debt collector. phew.

yesterday the same thing happened but i wasn't here. i was away in abbotsford laboriously special guest appearance editing another film [feature doco], queer street which has taken over my life the last couple of months before i limped off for a lunch meeting. i left my PJs behind that day. they pined miserably.

then i received a card via mailbox. when offered to the woman who always wants see my ID even though we may as well be lovers because i see her more frequently than any one else who deigns to be, she solemnly handed over a box. it was from canon. my missing 40D finally back, repaired with a new motherboard, six months too late. thank you to my sponsors, you know who you are. but i still want the 5D mark III...

today i get to deal with the nice asian dude with the digi signature handheld box & fluoro vest at the corner shop door. we're having an ongoing secret love affair but neither of us acknowledge it. he secretly admires my pyjamas in all their various incarnations. today recycled bootcamp wear which could have been more fittingly used for its original purpose. 

i unconsciously caress my extra fat folds with increased ambivalence - it's like they appeared overnight. the postal service courier has never seen me dressed in spite of the fact he often arrives midday. that is our reality. this fits well with my age-old desire for a eurasian child. perhaps i should just jump him at the door?

with a startled excited cry [mine] he jumps back, and the opportunity is lost, not forever but till next time. i see who the parcel is from. scream queen viscera herself, the magnanimous ms shannon lark from chainsaw mafia. my wonderful US distributor & lover of things i make horror. it's a viscera film festival award. sadly i couldn't make it personally to receive in downtown LA in july this year but it's a wonderful consolation which after its photo shoot goes straight to the trophy room!

this award also goes out to my wonderful salome's picnic team, the little mobile film shot on the fly in germany has had a wonderful & unexpected shelf life. massive thanks for the original inspiraton from the festivalists at possible worlds canadian film festival for their challlenge invitation to make a one minute silent sex film. i was but one amongst many KINOites who heard their call. the film now does have sound, thanks to michael prechtl's incredible composition skills & ability to understand crazed vision.

other key team players were stephen dunstan who crafted the edit, felix pflieger & chris pur for being with me on the day & going along with the crazy australian chick who they'd only met once at the german horror film festival in their bavarian hometown. i'm so glad i made that late night phone call from my lonely little hotel room.  you were not only gentlemen in the extreme but so wonderfully pliant, creative & pleasurable to work with [LOL] we shall have to try to do it again some more.

in the meantime i may keep this trophy by the door. it's quite a heavy handful & one never knows. its future employment in order to convince the mailman of my picture of our child might be required. i do like a man in fluoro.

art riot
the sydney fringe
upstairs annandale hotel
parramatta road
saturday september 11
opening is 18:00

there will be alcohol
come drink my ration
[i'm on antibiotics]

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