Wednesday, March 16, 2011

video does not display

i've been experiencing with what can euphemistically be called "technical difficulties" with this blog of late. in fact now, for some inexplicable reason some of the more anti-establishment videos will not play or displaying. at least not on multiple browsers from here. i haven't touched any of my settings.

the stats tell strange tales, and my computer seems to be combating more than its fair share of virii. everything's a conspiracy right?

let's try something a bit poppy and see if a universal blanket has been thrown over my preferences by higher powers.

this is my feelgood morning dance song to straighten head on dark days. served with extra cheese.

question is: can you see it?

postcript: ha! i can... hmm, interesting... well i could, once. but not again. is anyone able to offer a failsafe explanation?

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