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new zealand's darkest day [part i]

 copyright: quake catcher network seismic monitoring [QCN]

new zealand is in its first ever national state of emergency. the christchurch/lyttleton earthquake has hit the country hard. about 1g to be precise. according to research program QCN, stations around christchurch registered accelerations up to 1g [9.8m/s/s] equivalent to the force of gravity at the time of the quake.

NZ prime minister, john key said on february 22, 2011, "we could be witnessing new zealand's darkest day". along with fellow countrymen & women joined by people from all around the world, i'm inclined to agree. perhaps for slightly different reasons.

states of emergency are interesting in that for the course of their duration government seizes absolute power. historically they have often been used as a rationale for suspending rights & freedoms under the guise of duty of care. on february 26, 2011 barack obama also issued a national state of emergency over libya imposing immediate sanctions on muammar al qaddafi & his ilk. SOE is SO february 2011.

 copyright: US democrat election campaign

in actual fact USA is now in its tenth successive year of a national state of emergency since 9/11. it keeps getting extended & the unaccountable war on terror shows no sign of letting up. the military industrial complex hums, and the government works through its agenda unchecked.  the bush/barack partnership lives on. who would have thought they'd have so much in common? but he's still "barackky from the block".

ever notice that "benevolent" dictators are born from civil or natural disasters?

the third reich was essentially in a twelve year long state of national emergency after hitler came to power championing "reichstagsbrandverordnung - the decree for the protection of the people & the state". individual liberties became relegated to grimm brothers faerie tales.

political theorist, carl schmitt's [1888-1985] produced a body of work focused on legally contextualising the state of emergency & illustrated that the historical application of it was the rule rather than the exception, which can transform the political system into an apparatus of death.

we're surrounded by modern day machiavellian princes wearing slippery suits & bleached smiles. in the twentieth century, congress in the united states passed 470 laws alone delegating emergency powers to the president. behind the patriot act is a plague of PR savvy boy scouts.

today, america would be outraged if UN troops entered los angeles to restore order [referring to the 1991 LA riot]. tomorrow they will be grateful! this is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond [i.e., an "extraterrestrial" invasion], whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. it is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. the one thing every man fears is the unknown. when presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the world government. - dr. henry kissinger, bilderberger conference, 1991

new zealand's history is a social experimental playground. seen as a backwater commonwealth colony with a small isolated population base, it has been long used by international voyeurs to monitor the pioneering & implementation of principles & ideas in an unusually ideological & egalitarian scape.

most notably: a founding constitution which recognised the indigenous people's rights, women's suffrage, the welfare-state which encapsulated "having a fair go", anti-nuclear stance, and an iconic "she'll be right" modus operandi which evolved from the golden age of the 50s when NZ once boasted the highest living standards in the world. alas no longer. backflipping to more controversial radical reforms like SOE [state owned enterprise] privatisation, rogernomics, think big, and a deregulated labour market [employment contracts act].

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not exactly a success story economically, new zealand has had our international credit rating downgraded twice as foreign debt & inflation soared. i would always hear about that stuff as a kid & have no idea what it meant. the net result was my mother fastidiously tearing out "new world" grocery coupons & and enforcing shorter showers because the rain tanks could run dry. they were always rigidly timed anyway.

while my sister & i would squirm with boredom, the parents would utter nonsensical binary with disturbed faces during the six o'clock news on TV ONE. then my mother would appease our father's brooding form with bags of lollies as if administering to a child. meanwhile outside our 1980s living room, other OECD economies grew by an average 20% through to the early 90s. NZ remained stagnant, shrinking by 1% & went into recession & is still barely sustainable today.

growing up i didn't really notice the direness of the eighties. it had always been that way, although i knew we weren't rich. i was a marmite & weetbix kid. mum drove my grandfather's old ford cortina instead of her fantasy trans am & my father a mitsibishi celeste: a yellow shark with tinted windows. i let him drop me off in front of the movie theatre to see "raiders of the lost ark".

government enforced carless days were a problem-solving adventure & it was pre-playstation era so the lack of shininess in my rough & ready hand-me-down semi-rural life went largely unnoticed. our mother handmade a lot of clothes; the sewing machine whirring at night or the clacking of knitting needles would accompany BBC programmes [which we were allowed to watch, just "not american rubbish"], but on my thirteenth birthday we went shopping for a pair of to-die-for "matches" jeans to awkwardly frame long toothpick legs with customised nomad shoes. 'twas a memorable day.

a romantic era; i dreamed of being katherine mansfield at the bay, pined for william marshall who could run faster than me, played with my chemistry set, soaked stamps off envelopes to be dried, delicately filed and hinged in albums. we were healthy, grew untampered veggies in the garden where the bulrush & the living was easy. 

what tourist brochures don't show is the number of new zealanders still living in poverty which is estimated to have increased at least 35% during the recession years.

kiwis hit australian shores in droves during this era seeking employment & a higher standard of living. grossly underpopulated & needing a cash injection the NZ government relaxed immigration policy & flung our  doors open wide.

wealthy hongkongers arrived to dodge racial discrimination like flying squash balls [conservative locals took time to adjust to the sudden influx]. in the first five years of the 1990s the total asian population more than doubled [NZ census 1996]. an uneasy equilibrium was met.

our 2010 GNI is $12,639.40 per person putting us at #29 worldwide & that position right now seems precarious.

i believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. the issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs. 
- thomas jefferson, US president

those NZers that remain below the yellow line today are increasingly vulnerable to globalization & further right wing guiding principles, as the country moves into banana republic territory.

the beneficiaries of the old welfare state, casualties of shifting radical change which has failed to deliver the trickle-down effect promised in elections when voters agreed to sell off public services & assets. could new zealand be the new mexico?

if so, alarm bells should be ringing now, for with NZ's increased financial dependence on the "generosity" of outside agencies offering "aid & recovery deals" post earthquake, the usual suspects will move in. not paranoia just pragmatism.

biotech agent monsanto will probably soon be after our pristine water. this much documented, money-making predator machine has diversified beyond patenting the world seed supplies & then genetically engineering crop dependence on toxic chemical cocktails to threaten any remaining open pollinated heirloom varieties. the people who made 245T & agent orange are now implementing phase three:

the corporate water market is estimated at 600 billion USD worldwide, the less there is, the more it's worth. think diamonds & the de beers. sheiks & their oil fields. except our slavery to water is much more immediate & tenuous. drink up now... because of all the groups to put a twist on "there's something in the water" monsanto are the ones we want least to be involved. don't worry, the world bank is all over it. there could be a few jobs in it for us.


in the maquiladora zone of mexico, drinking water is so scarce that babies & children drink coca-cola or pepsi. this obviously drives corporate profits.

"all of us in the coca-cola family wake up each morning knowing that every single one of the world's 5.6 billion people will get thirsty that day. if we make it impossible for these 5.6 billion people to escape coca-cola, then we assure our future success for many years to come." - coca-cola annual report 1993

 copyright: adriana zehbrauskas for the new york times

coca cola have since expanded into the water market & predicts that eventually the H2O line will surpass the soft drinks. how refreshing.

"there will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. and this seems to be the final revolution." - aldous huxley  1961

 copyright: AP/rob griffith

there was a 2 minute silence earlier today when it was still march 01, for the christchurch earthquake. i sat here at my computer with blue edward de bono hat on & thought about the situation & felt ill. it hasn't passed. my country has been raped & i fear it's just the beginning. the invisible gang will undoubtedly move in & cement their hold.

we are grateful to the washington post, the new york times, time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. it would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. but, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. the supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries. 
- david rockefeller, in an address to a meeting of the trilateral commission, june 1991

as much as i'd like to believe the recent earthquake eventuated because papatuanuku [earth mother/gaia] in well-rehearsed motions tossed & turned restlessly writhing ecstatically to reach up & meet her lover ranginui [sky father] up above, before rolling back over in her tomb into spent slumber, i don't think so. intuition says the answer does not lie in the old stories. at least not the traditional ones of our people.

my grandmother is now out of christchurch. despite not having water, power or the ability to flush her toilet for what could be months, she was reluctant to leave. bonded to the disaster & the house she built with my grandfather in the 1950s building boom, it is an indelible part of her identity.

 copyright: AP/mark baker

she is one of the lucky rational peasants. her house in south brighton still has a roof & walls, & none of her immediate family or friends are dead. but still the horror hangs like a heavy cloud above the increased activity which quietly buzzes beneath.

despite the basic conditions with many residents denied luxuries the west takes for granted [and they too until a week ago], the cream rises to the top of the liquefied mud. people are so incredibly resilient, beautiful in the face of travesty. there are heroes at every turn. the smiles still come easily enough. they are the happy poor people on the streets one sees on the news from our couches & marvels at. in third world countries.

we know what major corporations think of local cultures. there is no respect, only profits. i watch those documentaries.

globalization rhetoric exists for a reason. a few collaborators get paid off & the majority suffer. later to demonstrate the injustice, there might be another documentary long after the untouchable corporation has polluted the environment, subjugated the people, usually introduced a couple of never seen before lab-engineered diseases, exhausted the resources & the money is in the bank. being poor white trash won't help, corporate profits are not particularly discerning. the intent is single-minded. speaking english actually makes it easier.

 copyright: cameron spencer/getty images

my uncle reported from christchurch being amazed at the friendliness & warmth of my reclusive nana's neighbours whom there wasn't much of a pre-existing relationship with. their helpfulness & genuine concern brought tears to his eyes. this incredible disaster phenomena sees people unselfishly break through the barriers of segregation & fear far beyond the rolling TV cameras. it's a wonderful social experiment. for some more wonderful than others.

with a long post earthquake recovery ahead, hushed questions are starting to gather momentum: how could this have happened again? with all our science & technology why was this deadly quake not predicted? that was an aftershock? how can i feed & clothe my family now...

 NZ prime minster, john key with christchurch mayor, bob parker - copyright: zimbio

will there be enough insurance money? how will the country deal with the inevitable debt? where does the money come from? did john key sell out the nation aided by his perfectly delivered TV host mayor as they maxed media bang for buck with high rating backdrops in the best televised reality show yet [hang on bob, i just want to go in for your close-up]?

if this is NZ's 9/11, have we been somehow ingratiated into the farcical war of terror campaign? has the system failed us? or is it all going according to plan? just not ours. may we wake up now please! the internet frenzy builds as we gaze deeper into the test tube.

aggressive expansionists, the US with the UN were quick to jump to haiti's aid last year when severe disaster struck. the unprecedented 7.0 quake struck only 25 kms west of port-au-prince, haiti's capital. the resulting damage was incredibly immense because the earthquake also had a shallow depth. over 300,000 people died & 1,000,000 made homeless. hundreds of thousands of buildings completely collapsed. so horrific.

a few days after the event the US built a serious military presence in haiti following the shattered nation's request for help. because of the extent of their force, french minister, alain joyandet called on the UN to clarify the american role in the impoverished country which had previously been colonised by both countries. "this is about helping haiti, not about occupying haiti" he said.

then the aid came: USAID -the development agency arm of the US government has been implicated in engineering industrial contract kickbacks worth over 1 billion dollars overseas, OTT interference with local politics [remember their coup attempt of hugo chavez in venezuela in 2002, cuba, then bolivia under the auspices of providing help (in partnership with monsanto)], in the 70s they employed torture specialist, dan anthony mitrone to train special ops in uruguay whose target were left-wing latin american groups. with friends like these who needs enemies?

USAID's conditional love is a self-seeking double edged sword. a conduit for subversive CIA funding & front for intelligence gathering overseas. it was set up by JFK in the 1960s as a military propaganda adjunct to the puppet south vietnamese government & was closely involved with civil & military ties there until the end of the war.

there are no free lunches for third world nations. new zealand needs to sit up & pay attention. especially if the country has already been sold out.

 creative commons: photo by trey ratcliff

if we stay focused on our own shores where does the money trail lead? new zealand is a young fertile country with lush alluvial soils, pasture, water, minerals and petroleum. a great candidate for further controlled tests. we're a globalist's wet dream.

oh they'll come. actually they're already here... FEMA deputy chief, admiral thad allen was coincidentally in christchurch as were many other US delegates when the earthquake struck. several congressmen also flew out just before the quake struck.

the admiral interviewed on TV shortly after, described the earthquake in military speak as if launching into a brief for a controlled field exercise before the interviewer abruptly cuts him off:

"..this is a very small and targeted in the area right around christchurch.."

as for the strange earthquake itself, there are a number of possible theories how it eventuated including the arguable cover-up shielded by expertise and uncertainty. could the unthinkable have happened: could the earthquake have been predicted and/or pre-empted? or even controlled?

for HAARP skeptics, there's already a history of man triggering earthquakes through magnanimous intervention. tried and tested methods include nuclear tests, mine blasts AND ELF waves.

in order to implement a desired solution, one needs only to architect the problem transporting it from the theoretical realm to shift into our paradigm. the technology undoubtedly exists to engineer earthquakes. is it possible that the NZ & haiti earthquake[s] are the product of something much larger than the magnetic cycles of the earth causing unfortunately located shallow strike slip epicentres? bottomline: is there motive?

further is the question of what opportunities are created and/or reforms it brings? the why/wherefore?

denver international airport NWO mural:

the countries all over the map who fall onto the other side of the colour wheel [and enable us to have cheap holidays] will tell us that globalization is no boogeyman. famine, cancer and a myriad of other unnecessary afflictions perpetuate not because they can't be fixed [they are all manufactured] but because not only are they hugely profitable, they also manifest incredible control over large populations to whatever required long-term end [of the philanthropic overlords].

sometimes it's better to work backwards & understand possible objectives to comprehend the related actions, including activation and/or management of such an event. theoretically it's still early days yet UNLESS this is the deployment of a well executed master plan. will the anticipated US led corporate invasion kill NZ with kindness, and if they do would anyone notice or believe?

all warfare is based on deception. hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. hold out baits to entice the enemy. feign disorder, and crush him.
- sun tzu, the art of war 

 copyright: reuters/tim wimborne

whether this globalization gift to the corporate pack was artificially created or not it won't be passed up. one thing which is certain, nothing will ever be the same again. new zealand's naive years draw to a close. i've no doubt that sooner rather than later our colour code on the hierarchical world map will change. the 50s are dead, long live the 50s.

there's so much we don't know. but we can find out, each and everyone of us. on the flipside there's also an incredible amount of [often overlooked/ridiculed] multi-disciplinary information past & present which together draw a more balanced perspective than any one vehicle. the 20th century scientific age which supplanted one monotheistic view for another has not offered holistic development for humans or our planet. in many ways our worldview has shrunk into a pre-columbus mindset. THE WORLD IS NOT FLAT.

copyright: jenny! @flickr

"all religion, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree" - albert einstein

we have not been encouraged to think. some who ask questions and strive for knowledge or balance are allegedly being punished. & quietly disappearing. right now. welcome to the police state.

afterword: as i go to "publish post" i see that new zealand's civil defence minister, john carter, has just announced the extension of the national state of emergency & that it is "likely to remain for several more weeks":

"this declaration ensures coordination and cooperation between central and local resources, and international assistance. due to the scale of this disaster, the civil defence response is beyond the resources of the local authority," 

the extent of the damage & the continued aftershocks are the attributed reason for the extension. prime minster, john key assures the public that the national emergency state will allow the greatest coordination of local, national and international resources to work on the recovery and rescue efforts.

according to chinese newspaper reports the civil defence emergency management act requires the declaration to be renewed every seven days. it's something worth waiting for.

the final death toll estimate for the february 22, 2011 earthquake will be about 240 the police say.

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