Wednesday, March 30, 2011

bright here, bright now

i went solo to promote punk monk propaganda at the smARTarts festival and all i got was this lousy photo... actually the photo's not bad but i'm bummed because my invisible punk monk tribe who are the real liquid light stars didn't get a mention.

so now i'd like to do it posthumously. my ugly mutt may be gracing a few other papers this week as the city council's smARTarts PR machine picks up gears & momentum. we open this friday night, april 01 in conjunction with national youth week [april 01-10].

punk monk propaganda will be heavily embedded in the realised dreamspace injecting the scene with our usual vibe and ethos in juxtaposition with the award winning youth orchestra [soon with reverb]. with various wall projections to be spilt featuring the analogue courtesy of our now trademark painting with colour with organic elements the specialty of alchemists: kate taylor, alexander papasavvas and clare devlin-mahoney. we're also adding a liquid light station for those punters who want to get their hands wet and dirty.

cut to IR [infra red] graffiti ground zero bombing [that'll be ky-lee menzies & yours truly aided and abetted by wonder bridge nick radford & hipster-in-denial: sometime punk monk dermot mcguire from eight filters].

our IR stuff is experimental & interactive so if you want the opportunity to launch graffiti all over a basketball court, be part of video game reality slip stream without official recriminations, come down! we make our own IR pens. maybe you can help drive this organic entity as we evolve it together.

other stuff to expect is photographer darling of the film underground, our very own paparazzi [hello @vornstar], youthcentric art exhibition, sculptural installations [dreamcatchers, 3D animations, surreal glowing couldbe lamp entities, all made on site and random performers so you too can make a dream and follow it through to the end of this participatory hands-on fest, where we'll end with a kaleidescopic finale.

and it's all FREE! there may be some other random easter eggs... come treasure hunt us down:

pine street creative centre
64 pine street
friday april 01 18:30 - 21:00

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