Sunday, July 5, 2009

not beautiful enough

poor neglected blog... right on the back of making & screening "the unfinished tale of annabel lee" on thursday night this week i made an unplanned drunken promise at the red rattler theatre to shoot another film with my delighful muse, cat, in the following two days [goodbye life]...

after quickly shuffling the rest of my week around, i had an idea on friday morning & rocked up to the KINO KABARET meeting at 10:00 to pitch with a bunch of other crazed filmmakers on a week long 48 hour marathon based in the lab at metroscreen.

friday was spent making friends with oliver from london KINO & bringing him on board to shoot when originally i thought maybe just to shoot myself by mobile phone but realised the imagery i wanted to capture could really benefit from an HD injection.

using the sponsored canon legria on the basis that we aimed for a PG rating in order to relationship build with canon, i ran off to hunt down props. then perhaps knock out a script & secure a fairly specific location... all this whilst celebrating a friend [magali] leaving for paris & another's [amalia] birthday. to the point at 01:00 tipsily running around the cross we made an unscheduled stopover at her shop where she made the best alcohol infused wedding posey ever in the middle of her birthday sojourn between clubs. good friends and passion are irreplaceable.

by 03:00 i was making equipment & shotlists and at 04:00 davey rocked back up after a late night in between film snack where we then drove off into the night to location scout industrial wastelands...

from 05:00 our mini crew [oliver, dan, davey, cat] were starting to arrive at the corner shop to be on set for 06:30 where we set off in pursuit of the magic hour. we have some beautiful footage which sadly has still been somewhat evasive in transfer due to file size limitations regarding .mts to .mov transfer between computers. if anyone can tell us how to xfer files over 4G from one mac to another i will be permanently indebted. at least we have some stunning photos thanks to davey.

we had a screening FAIL last night. but i'm excited that we have a very pretty film here in the can. just as soon as we can use the files... fat32 we're onto you.


  1. Rock n roll movie making - it's the only kind ;) x

  2. and then the police came.. actually we left before they got there but they did get called & we had security standover for the last couple of shots. us bad ass guerrilla filmmakers trying to terrorise the airport.:)