Tuesday, July 28, 2009

blotted ghosts

in one of several other lifetimes, in quite a different universe namely myspace, i was known for a while as flick chick & was part of a hip subcultural femme art zine collective called rorschach failure. all of the contributors & presumably our readers too were arguably people who fall between the cracks.

it currently sits quietly in hiatus after the founding editor ran amok on other projects waiting for a time when she returns & her silent soldiers might wage battle once more possibly in a reinvented guise.

there are still a few issues publicly accessible & the review i wanted to blog today is unfortunately not one of those. i'm chasing it up because it's a film which has influenced me tremendously stylistically & will continue to do so: e. elias merhige's

as a bridesmaid offering i give you
the US versus john lennon & a slightly different glimpse of me...

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