Monday, July 20, 2009

karma... karma... kammadhenu

boy george wasn't in sight on arrival at this newtown cultural club despite the fact that after his earlier prison stint this year he has been reported to be living off primarily organic asian based foods in an assault on former cocaine & other scintillating addictions. local rent boys have been much happier as a result.

however on leaving the hub of king st on saturday avo into this indo-aryan mecca, no staff were visible either which resulted in an ad hoc DIY approach which ended up working relatively well.

kammadhenu is not exactly fine dining but oozes no-frills authenticity. ky & i aren't terribly shy especially when famished. the magic "licensed" sign & spiced aromas had lured us in. noveaux mohammeds, we went directly to the mountain, grabbed menus & a sample of the extensive fine german beer selection in the fridge & proceeded to drink whilst perusing the menu.

the restaurant is a fusion of multiple asian cuisines: indian, sri lankan & malaysian. bee-lining to the curries we ordered dhal, mixed vegetable, steamed rice with an order of tandoori prawns which proved to be the beginning of what will undoubtedly be a long & illustrious love affair.

the prawns are definitely on the highly-vied-for list of best prawns in town across the cuisine style board. at 8.00AUD per entree, um, they have to be easily the best value. we're not in the CBD now dorothy. we immediately ordered more and once again delicately cut the odd remaining orange crustacean in half, each of us savouring the last possible morsel, a memory of the flavour dancing on our collective tongues. this is a dish that leaves all old maids for dead.

the curries were small but delicious & we're definitely coming back for more. there's dosai & roti to add to the experience base. already my stomach screams in withdrawal symptoms with a new found coveting love for tandoori prawns served on metal accompanied with bubbling bier drunk from a small metal cup. this addiction must be sated earlier rather than later. it might just be today.


  1. With all the distracting colours and the handles (oh the handles) you still had to post a terrible pic of me. Tut tut Miss Victoria... :P