Monday, July 6, 2009

guerrillas in the midst

...otherwise known as the lame midnight adventures of vic & davey.

so after we were escorted off location yesterday morning by security with repeated threats of police intervention for our property trespass whilst making our KINO film it became apparent amongst the technical meltdown which ensued that we were also down on a little property ourselves.

the only solution was operation midnight scale fence & retrieval. we couldn't imagine that nasty polish security guard wearing chanel so went in to be reunited with planes lying dormant on runways with high hopes of evasion of suspected terrorism et al.

we took a blond wig with us this time in pre-emptive view of perfecting our stall technique. we left the "how-to build a bomb" diagrams & cell details in the car leaving the engine running with doors open & lights on. just in case/for fun.

with the barking dogs hard on our heels we still had a little time for a photo opportunity albeit a slightly unfocussed one. AND we found our lost shit.

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