Monday, November 30, 2009

#arkfail: DIY social media for noobs [now with monk porn]

as per my
previous blog last week we [punk monk digital] launched this. a question of sorts:

and then in the wknd we gave some kind of answer:

overwhelmingly we have received loads of feedback. a thousand thanks. 99% was positive. if that was fat-free, you'd be buying it.

re: the fat.

if selling out is passing on the black lung and not being prepared to spend the rest of our lives in the coal mines then we will own that scurrilously spat title. whilst doing so we tried to do it with tenacity, humour, adherence to social issues we really care about: climate change, with just "a little nod" to popular culture & religion [in case you didn't notice]. we're not forgetting our socio political activism roots anytime soon. and yeah, we also paid attention to the product & the client's message whilst inserting some of our own unique brand. we're still legitimate artists/activists & make no apologies for commercial crossover. sorry if you prefer your guerrillas homeless & hungry.

there is a longstanding argument about corporations raping & exploiting artist talent in these style of competitions. i agree with the majority of the sentiment. they are exactly what they are. any hype filled rhetoric on rinse, recycle, repeat sheep's clothing delivered by such organisations must be rubbed into open wounds with more than a handful of salt. we know they lie. we know they don't give a shit about us. we know "sustainable" translated into corporate speak means units & profit margins.

you know those women getting "exploited" in porn movies? a lot of them are educated savvy streeet smart chicks making informed decisions about whether they want to be there or not. neither you or i have to agree with their chosen vehicle of expression or income generation but mostly they don't have a gun/or a raging coke addiction rammed against their head. mostly. either did we. sometimes exploitation can be two ways. a marriage of convenience. eyes wide shut.

the next question has to be: will it work? we have no idea. we're experimental filmmakers/culture jammers/projection bombers/social media amateurs making it up on the fly as we go along.

in the unlikely event that we seduce saatchi and saatchi with our voicemade bouncing animal sound effects & wa was inspired by 70s porn soundtracks combined with DIY animation skills & win: a chunk of the prize money pool goes back into our guerrilla film & art projects at punk monk propaganda. channeling struggling artist is highly overrated. we like to eat too. we're not going to be in the top fortune 500 anytime soon...

so far we've had over 2.5K views in five days which isn't exactly a viral success but we're still at the top of the clickthru/comment ladder after coming in on the last week of a six week long running competition.

thanks for helping us. tomorrow is the finish line. if you haven't already & would like to please just bounce along after the kangaroo, get your fluffer kit on and click here.

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  1. Excellent and make sure you charge appropriately for the second one. The reasons, they have no idea, eg any ad from the Lion Nathan account, check out some of the printed BMW ads and a couple of the bank ads are really lame. Also lets not go down the television route by employing cheap labour(the public, instead of actors to make a reality show or a winner takes all show.