Friday, November 27, 2009


for me my love of type started with helvetica & david carson. ray gun magazine then bikini...


now this coming monday punk monks felix pflieger & michael prechtl with a little help from our friends bring you AR006: typograffiti.

street art crosses the divide & armed with personal markers in an exhibition setting at punk monk propaganda's corner shop, avid algae rhythmers can learn from these masked masters the secret of fusing type and graffiti into one in an intermedia setting featuring films, infra-red projections, posters, and a scavenger hunt culminating in a collective art project.

all this fueled by civilised pig's secret alcoholic ginger rhythm recipe. the only thing mightier than a pen in one hand is a glass of punk monk's special brew in the other. and a really big speech bubble canvas...

we can't guarantee NSW legislators how secure our spray cans will be but we're using travis bickle's clever arm design to conceal our dangerous weapons. you talkin to me?

maybe you should just write it... try this for some type of obsession:

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