Tuesday, November 17, 2009

power to the masses

first the fan stopped. actually that's not true. the very first thing is the white organza which floats from my window frame reminding me of my inherent girly coquettishness blew off. romantic chick fail with instant gaussian blur. this was late last night. closely followed by the ripping of garden tarps emulating spinnaker sails in full inflated roar [they were literally flying]. it was a hell of a storm.

i don't know how many people were late to work today because the alarms stayed suspiciously silent. as i spent the best part of 30 mins on hold to energy australia after my bedroom became intolerably stuffy i realised the soft dulcet tones of machines whirring & grinding was coming from downstairs underneath the corner shop's street facing balcony.

thankfully my belated payment of the 866.74AUD power bill was not to blame for the power cut. recently energy australia increased its rates by approx 22% i was informed by the lovely operator voice when querying the bill prior to payment, as i begged for an extension on special extenuating "i am a cripple who sometimes doesn't face mail" grounds. ouch.

earlier this year in march, sydney CBD was subjected to a massive power blackout. basically everything shutdown. it doesn't take much to force everything down to a stuttering halt. the centralisation of utilities in society really disempowers people. where did that expression come from anyway?

still here are the energy peeps as they attend to this mass outage which apparently effects several blocks in alexandria. the corner shop is at the epicenter. i watch & talk to the workers as they winch up new thick insulated lines which circle the block before they prepare to remove the old lines [which can't cope with interference from trees - PS. they were there first]. i'm glad my money went towards a nice winch. also the truck is shiny with a crane et al which pleases me. i take pleasure from it like an avid richard scarry reader.

noone knows the exact nature or cause of the blackout from which i am briefly delivered from & scurry like the blog junkie i am to upload mobile pics before quickly protecting computer equipment from surge. it's a mystery they say. electricity is still not an exact science it seems. tell that to thomas edison & nikola tesla.

yesterday we had our usual punk monk monday night meet and although electrons fly & burst to meet the wild charged creative sea which crashes asunder i don't think it was that. perhaps those post 21st tarpaulins generated enough energy of their own to counter the fried toxic lines which pass within a metre of our building? turning our back on the grid of enslavement we could have sailed to hobart by now with the wind in our sails.

today is for renewal, something power companies only pay lip service to despite my opted into green power bill investment. i am a pure energy premium customer/sucker in a valiant bid to passively invest and encourage others to send a tangible message to the corporations who hijack us on days like these. i don't need to wear a bikini to promote climate change but perhaps if i did it would attract attention [my skin glows in the dark]. instead they use my extra cash to mine more coal.

it's a good day to shut down the computer & sow some seeds.

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  1. I know this is really not helping the situation, but i would take it off for a burberry jacket like that first supermodel.

    Back on the subject though, I am now inspired to pay the pure energy premium. And as always, inspired by your words.