Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wedding day

is marriage a patriarchal social construct? it was in this case.

this is my parents on their wedding day. all those dreams promoted by hans christian andersen then patented & reproduced by hallmark cards didn't eventuate for them, except perhaps for a looping cinderella caught in the ashes who never actually made it to the ball. there's reality for you.

i want to believe. i wonder if it really does work for anyone else? could it for me?


  1. yes... yes it could! ;)

  2. worked for me! and after i watched my mom pretty much perform the same cinderella loop over and over for my entire childhood. but you know, it's finally worked for her too, and she didn't meet him until well into her 40's.

  3. sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith

  4. what a groovy couple, sixties or seventies , they look in love, but love doe'mt last forever, respect maybe