Monday, June 15, 2009

sydney film fest finale

after the last piece of red carpet was rolled back up, the barn doors closed on lights as they were "struck" back down & hollywood tape had long since become unstuck, this is where the organisers, the journos, volunteers, and the people who made the sydney film festival happen, congregated to toast the success of the fest & well, get well toasted. some people were so exhausted, sentence formulation was a near impossible task [until the next wave hit]. hello josh.

this is what went down:

winner -- official competition award: bronson
winner -- documentary prize: a good man AND contact

[kudos to foxtel for coming up with the extra 10K to support a joint win and giving "real" documentary a go]

...or at least that's what i gathered in the gatecrashed pub as we all threw our wildly rampant opinions into the film critique pool. it all eventually rose to an unintelligble milieu but whilst our inner film wankers ran amok we all splashed about & had some fatigued fun.

there were some exemplary pieces of cinema to be enjoyed at this fest & some just had to be enjoyed vicariously through the experiences of others [sometimes real life just gets in the way of one's programme wishlist].

anything else was lost in the garble of the incessant exploitation of the drinks tab [nice pouring criterion]. what's not to love about free alcohol in an inner city 24 hour bar? alcohol does enrich the story telling experience just that little bit more.

for the complete wrap on this i'd strongly advise checking out tomorrow's new worse addictions podcast.

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