Tuesday, June 16, 2009

conspiracy afoot

last night all of our combined hard work culminated in the third ALGAE RHYTHM going down christening "the corner shop" with karina, kathleen and dermot curating turn me on, dead man flying our punk monk propaganda banner high into the sydney sky & onto adjacent alley walls.

a fascinating fusion of a wizard of oz & the dark side of the moon resulted in dorothy's surrender and a few curious neighbours viewing our spectacular from bedroom windows & the streets beneath. we climbed the walls up onto the roof, watched bemused & then began to dance like 50 foot amazon roswellian meets femme fatale women shadow puppets. charlie's angels begone.

meanwhile the JFK room had limits of its own control as peeps watched multiple synchronised computer installations from the comfort of the grassy knoll in a small dark room. in the main indoor space stanley kubrick's moon landing played and that's where the base reversion really began... jim jarmusch was with us in spirit.

another handhewn zine plus subversive manifesto were distributed throughout the night by shady operatives ensuring that the double agent mythology was kept alive. turn me on and over dead man.

amongst the murder and mayhem there were only a few sangria fuelled tragedies before the peace pipe came out. thank you everyone for braving the cold on a wintry night and participating in another of our social intermedia experiments.

AR 0:04 is slated for july 2009. clare & i will hold the fort as resident curators serving up twisted chick flicks whilst others flee to melbourne international film festival.

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