Sunday, June 28, 2009

snuff movie

the photographic evidence is in. it's not my fault ky contracted hypothermia today on her surprise conditioning mid-winter swim where she was convinced to enter stage right for an upcoming punk monk KINO kabaret 48 hr film.

yes, the water was 12 degrees celcius. yes, i sent her the SMS after visualising her semi-naked & wet which she incorrectly assumed was jest. yes, i dropped her off to get swimmers prior. yes, i told her she had to get in... but i'm only the ideas chick, the writer, the director, the gentle massager of friendships, sometime inciter of violence or passion.

most definitely however i am the good cop. the rest was all kate. she is the goebbels to my adolf, the hutch to my starsky. she callously turned our dear yellow-skinned friend completely blue. note the poised wrists & well-turned ankles. we take pleasure in the torture of others. beware a producer meets 1st AD who wants to get things moving. fast. shh, thou doth protest too loudly.

if you're interested in being involved in one of our future productions & have any kind of a death-wish please contact me directly. i'll send your details on to my trusty producer. we are branching out into snuff movies at a theatre near you soon. there's potentially many executions to come. lynch or no.


  1. I look like I want to kill someone. Kate broods whilst cameras fawn. All is right with the world then.

  2. yes. yes you do. possibly with your own ultramarine hands. right before you permanently expire.

    hope you're OK... and are ready to jump back on the horse again.

    *evil sycophantlike smile*

  3. Ky looks about two shades of violet away from her final curtain.

  4. And yet about five shades of violet darker than last night.