Saturday, June 6, 2009

beauti... undoubtedly in the eye of the beholder, ultimately subjective & one of the hottest philosophical topics up for debate since before plato contradicted his teacher socrates by declaring that beauty was an integral property in all entities. relative beauty can only be determined thereby through comparison with others. this causes countless problems.

non materialists like the selp-appointed high priest of aesthetics oscar wilde & also kant concede it is so, whilst most philosophers including myself agree that beauty is truth is beauty. is you.

there's no need to desire anna karina's form or any others, yours is more than perfectly adequate to enable this theoretical construct manifest itself through the physical divide. no need for me to sing joe cocker's "you are so beautiful" or you'll blush an even deeper shade of pink whilst we both hastily reach for ear plugs.

your beauty on every level from the outside edge of your skin to the metaphysical intangible, deep within your alive complex mind is immeasurable yet immense. there is no need to be anyone but you.

let our eyes be your mirrors. to both your skin & your soul.


  1. oh, i love you. what a beautiful blog and you are so so beautiful yourself.

  2. we can tongue kiss later. ;)