Monday, June 8, 2009

death of an icon

even institutions aren't forever... gowings, the iconic sydney CBD landmark was dissolved by creditors in 2006 after a strong tradition which was maintained since the city store's birth in 1868 as a purveyor of men's wear & knick-knacks & containing one of the most popular inner city barbers.

it was one of the most prominent mid range retail establishments in sydney yet offered a comfortable lack-lustre homeliness which lured men in to buy, who were otherwise intimidated by the luminous shine of the other glossier department store in town. there weren't so many metrosexuals in town 50 years or so back...

a reliable one stop store for lovers of bonds, flanelette PJs, multiple rib patterned rubber hot water bottles, camping equipent & other random [yet essential] manly bric-a-brac. it always clung to its upstanding air of yesteryear. i miss it's humble yet solid old school eclecticity badly. it was pure 1950s homme: a place where treasure could be found...

the tinny two-dimensionality of supre which is now housed in the original HQ building just doesn't quite fill the gap.


  1. Very 'Are you being server'.

  2. Damn, served.

    Meetings about servers and workstations have warped my brain.

    By the way your namesake should be off for her first coat of primer this week.

  3. Gowings went into liquidation almost exactly six months after I started working in their Oxford Street store.


  4. it all makes so much more sense now...