Saturday, June 13, 2009

at the bay

a cloud, small, serene, floated across the moon. in that moment of darkness the sea sounded deep, troubled. then the cloud sailed away, and the sound of the sea was a vague murmur, as though it waked out of a dark dream. all was still.

this isn't quite what katherine mansfield had in mind when she wrote her reknowned semi-autobiographical short story. but if she'd existed in the 21st century in sydney's idyllic rose bay she would have been as captivated as me by the hypnotic bobbing of boats on sun-kissed slow rippled waves and eerie stillness despite being juxtaposed only metres away from the mayhem of the eastern suburbs arterial route which is new south head road.

this is the magic of pier, the restaurant. like a long linear beacon beckoning out into the marina it offers instant respite from road rage with it's cool calm aesthetic. picturesque indeed.

with a reputation of the finest produce from the sea, the restaurant implements specific treatment for their catch. "ike-jime" is a method employed by supplying fishermen which achieves optimum freshness. to do this fish are spiked till brain-dead... with my RSPCA affiliation on ice for the day, a quick reference with wiki at the table tells me it's OK so i breathe easier & peruse the menu.

as course upon course including complimentary canapes rolls out, the exquisite workmanship & deity-like skill involved in the kitchen is hugely evident. rather than wax lyrical rhetoric please find below the lunch consumption list & enjoy the photos above. everything is faultless beyond a "t" which is why pier brandishes with understated piquantness its 3 coveted chef hats as awarded by the sydney morning herald's good food guide.

* salmon & caper canapé cones

*carpaccio of murray cod - soft herb leaves - tomato & lime water vinaigrette

* king salmon sashimi - organic soy

*cauliflower tofu & lobster 'agedashi' - poached foie gras - seared scallops

*kingfish 'sous vide' - textures of seasonal mushrooms

*heirloom tomato, aged balsamic & basil salad

*rosemary pannacotta - green apple puree - eucalyptus yoghurt - warm caramelised apple crumble - chicory icecream

*to die for souffle - sauce poured into the copper pot at table. details FAIL [my fault] but feel free to lick the image instead

*handmade twin-towerlike rose-water marshmallows - tea & coffee

all washed down with clean serviceable bloody mary's & caiprioskas but lacking the twisted edge we love closer to the urban smog infused mist.

the wine list is excellent with a capital "e". in honour of my new zealand heritage & overwhelming sense of homesick nostalgia we don't go past the huia savignon blanc... sometimes simple is best especially when the path to achieve this is wickedly complex. my homeland's structurally fragmented literature icon would be proud.

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  1. I guess you had a nice day my dear !
    Great shots.