Friday, December 24, 2010

[y]our fifteen megabytes of fame...

been a bit busy to wrap out the end of year dogged by a myriad of deadlines with films to deliver, some for kicks, for art's sake, others for money, which still ended up being fun despite the challenges & sleep deprivation involved. 

still hoping to make it out of town & head to the hills tonight for a couple of days with my fellow waghorn chick fam, raen miro & gina to slowly inhale oxygen before jumping back into the incense-filled fiery fray... one lunch is not enough, like shrinking hours in the day.

today while chasing music files [we lovingly fucked up the xanadu soundtrack - thanks to liam O then added a hijacked new york broadway composer (alexander)to feed back live into it on his amped up violin], bind content for our psychedelic state peats ridge curated DVD loops [we squeezed in some sydney KINO films] this xmas eve instead of gift wrapping & chase time with eager vengeance, i want to pimp our punk monk propaganda film festival: 15MB of FAME.
copyright: the brag

15MB of FAME is our new baby. in addition to our star alchemists: kate, alex & clare painting the dome in liquid light we're collaborating with the dome team at rejenr8 this NYE in glenworth valley for this exciting project while we dwell in the land of hopeless utopians. 360 degrees of visual love created by the people for the people. it all seems rather che doesn't it?

if you are one of the thousands of people coming to peats ridge sustainable arts & music festival this year, you can not only see our finished film on NYE, you can be part of it. it's crowd-sourcing baybee! because our universal perspective is unique & everyone's festival experience isn't the same. let's share your 15MB worth & celebrate the differences to bring the new year in with a feel good bang.

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