Friday, December 17, 2010

fast track to a slow life

so i bought this book yesterday. actually i didn't. i chose the book & my sometime sycophant gifted it to me. we were hanging out because i'd canceled the rest of my day as my mind sharks circled, i realised i was spinning stuck in an uncontrollable vortex amongst them not swimming, not treading water, just spinning & plummeting deep into the cancerous ocean which stress drags one down into. i had to pull the pin because it was already stuck half out.

me = a frozen rabbit on a spinning grenade top. yes, there are deadlines but ultimately i blame poverty which is a ridiculous thing for an arguably smart person to be frazzled about [especially cliche at this time of year], which begs the question if one is so smart why so poor?

i fell into a deep healing sleep early last night whilst reading the book in bed. i deigned not to work on any level & spurned any associated guilt. the wedding, the festival, the feature, the bank, the house: they would all wait. it worked, i woke up able to work once more. christmas may come early this year but deadlines will always crunch at the last moment like frozen grass blades underfoot. the sensation is delicious, almost erotic. january will soothe their memory into sweet oblivion.

slow life/slow food movement very much encapsulates most of my core philosophies so this book screamed out to me in a soothing way amongst my mind's chaotic clatter in the new look berkelouw books [my would-be twenty second home] in newtown last night.

but it raises a really big issue which is core to the fantasies of rat race excapism to which many of us aspire. this book is produced via the luxury resort chain "six senses" a place undoubtedly many of us could spend our lives at. they are doing some very cool things & actually practicing what they preach, operating in an often bio-dynamic sustainable way. they typify the future of planetary aware slow luxury eco resorts placed in some of the most desired spots in the world. for jetsetters. and jets go fast...

i don't want to go to six senses for a week or three & then go back to the city. can't our whole lives be a resort... why should people slave all year to look forward to their token holiday break to then come back & serve the machinations of industry once more? what kind of life is that? perhaps these islands exist purely as carrots to subjugate us into the continued enslavement for the benefit of the few. pyramids have not lost their relevance.

in order to go slow do you have to speed first? this seems so terribly back to front. we whore and slave our lives away at amphetamine like pace utilising as many tools & devices as we can muster to go faster, faster, faster to achieve the holy grail of financial sustainability to then go slow and live a simple life. i love what i do but barely survive doing it, and essentially scrub the toilet bowl of urbanity in order to supplement some kind of acceptable lifestyle. wouldn't it be better just to live rather than survive all along? and fuck cancer off along with it.

why should the idyllic life harmonious with nature be only the stuff of dreams or heinously rich people? creation of desire which is the ultimate marketer's mantra when directed back to the source makes it seem almost impossible. 

technology more often than not serves us poorly in this endeavor enslaving us further. there is no release, nowhere to hide. the earth has shrunk as has our lifestyles & our ability to genuinely sustain ourselves. which makes me wonder as i consider my monthly outgoings & the ridiculousness of all this money paid out to barely survive in this metropolis, can one truly live a slow and fulfilling life, have freedom, independence & be sustainable without the nest egg/inheritance/celebrity sex tape first? or will i just be a dirty outcast scavenging through people's rubbish to build makeshift solar panels with no freedoms when i grow up & be forced to attempt to opt back in and fail later. even bag ladies are often rich with rumored stashes & houses hiding far from the trollied fray. can we truly live without the system?  how much sense do we really have.

fear and greed. that is what binds us all to this fabricated existence. if only we could dispense with them both. both our own lives, other species and our planet as a whole would be indisputably healthier & happier. you don't need six senses to tell you that, but it can help.

please don't buy presents this christmas. give time. these days, it is the most precious gift of all.


  1. right here with you.

    when people fall ill they more often then not decide to concentrate on the important things in life and discard the junk and clutter.

    why do people wait until they fall ill and their time is running out?

    i want to enjoy life now.

    but alas, there are uncontrollable forces that bind us and we must find a way to try take back a little control for ourselves..

  2. now I just want to make you a nice cup of tea and pat you on the head. It will all be ok.