Wednesday, December 15, 2010

mitsu: the dark witch and the dream wilderness

meet mitsu: the dark witch and the dream wilderness. mitsu is pictured above being caressed by the witch as she guides mitsu through the dark spaces of her imagination far beyond the endless deviations of the sandman in search of her kidnapped mother.

mitsu is the self-funded brainchild of my favourite sydney songstress rosie catalano who i'm proud to call friend & sometime collaborator. this amazing book with hauntingly beautiful illustrations by her equally talented sister nikki catalano launched at the end of winter this year. i was lucky enough to be there & be part of the celebratory fray.

cafe yuga kept the wine and delicious food coming.  the artwork [excerpts of the illustrated pages] captivated the crowd, young and old, with their mesmerising beauty & many sold. the talented catalano sisters were delightfully humble as their hard work shone in their stead.

and i was lucky enough to received a signed copy...

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