Tuesday, July 6, 2010

spots and dots: yayoi kusama

all my favourite artists/thinkers are insane. as a bi-polar kid, it's a terrible wonderful club that i like to think i'm part of. not a lifestyle choice per se but with the situation comes creative management decisions.

welcome to yayoi kusama's world where her transcendence into other realms is less metaphorical in one sense than some others. her kaleidescope vision is represented through her immense body of acclaimed work. her medium is a labyrinth of infinity nets interwoven through warped space invaded by converging spots of consciousness. life with 3D dot field projected glasses. 

as a multidisciplinary veteran, her site specific project for sydney's binennale is a looping video installation as succinct as it is poetic & powerful offering insight into a turbulent dimension. 

christies new york sold one of her recent works for 5.1 million USD - a record for a living female artist. 

she lives by choice in a mental institution in tokyo & has struggled to stay alive since childhood. her art, her lifeline. she is a suicide addict.

song of manhattan suicide addict
may 12 - august 01, 2010
[free ferry every hour from the MCA]

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  1. i am still kicking myself for missing her exhibit in sydney a couple years ago. well at least i'll get to see this.