Friday, July 16, 2010


driving into the bush we came across these archaic creatures of yesteryear roaming the wild fields on the national park fringe adjacent to fossil imprinted caves which were already ancient before the first over-sized reptile roamed the earth. the aboriginal people have known of them for tens of thousands of years.

stopping the car, i walked to embrace the birds' prehistoric beauty. my phone does little justice to these magnificent creatures but our curiosity was mutual as we both approached each other in sync.

i wondered if they share the survival attributes of cockroaches. their presence is eternally timeless. an unspoken wisdom  passed between their eyes as if the stories had been passed on from the old ones, dormant until the legends live once more in the face of unilateral destruction.

 emu in the sky, copyright: barnaby norris via CSIRO

while up in the sky the matriach continues to look down upon us. the dinosaurs are not extinct yet.

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