Thursday, July 15, 2010

loser cycle of three

last night henderson snr & i hit the opera house to indulge in some culture for the opening night of opera australia's production of puccini's B side the girl of the golden west. you just can't beat comp tix! a slightly camp [waves of dick johnson references] spaghetti western in italian. opera style. now there's a genre mix. 

highlights: giant projected roses overtaking the stage as minnie's um, innocence is lost. you should see what happens when a mass of roses hurtle through the sky frenetically like sperms on speed. hold onto your flaming zorro inspired R & lunge for the nearest badass half-breed bandit. in a gold rush world dominated by miners, men and mayhem there's plenty to choose from.

earlier en route we had almost been thrown out of the cab because my language describing the content of my current film project was deemed offensive by the taxi driver who informed us that "my mother had brought me up much better than that." apparently using words to describe male genitalia or phallus is however acceptable. after failing to justify context & in order to save our ride we clung to one another, our silence was bought. much suppressed  hilarity ensued.

these photos were taken with my [un]trusty phone after several alcohol intermissions and more wayward frolicking not long before i actually lost my phone. this is a common occurrence. we spent the end of the night chasing ivan the theatre manager & eventually locating said phone in security. hurrah!

catching a cab to the walker st abode & satisfactorily cleaning out troy of his last five dollar bill to find a bedridden claire. we regaled upon her stories of the night only to find that she had spent the evening off her sick bed chasing lost keys assuming she's left them in the front door. she had then spent the evening assuming a home invasion was imminent. once she tidied her room the keys mysteriously turned up.

then troy with pockets out-turned abruptly interjected wanting to know if i remembered the type of cab we'd hailed. seems he'd left his wallet in the car... 

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  1. Vic, reading your post made me laugh for a good 10 minutes at work.