Wednesday, August 3, 2011

jurassic lounge opens

...and with our coming the walls bled yellow, blue, green & red.

punk monk propaganda painted the skeleton room of the australian museum a rainbow of psychedelic colour & sound last night for the auspicious much awaited relaunch of jurassic lounge, the winter season.

as our femme alchemists: kate, christie, ky, siobhan & anna [and honorary chick tom] animated ancient ghosts to cast organic bubbling saturated hues upon faces & fluid scapes...

our special mammalian guests defender sound AKA steve & james resonated bones with the deep wakeful sounds of sun ra & sexy ass dub.

with possibly enough soulful energy stir the dead. even when this chilled out.

we're all over this season of jurassic lounge bringing our own distinct story telling ethos through experimental light meets sound, crowd-sourced art projections & episodic silhouette films where we reinvent dinosaur mythology in our collaboration with talented local music & noise artists.
jurassic lounge
australian museum

winter season: 
tuesdays aug 02-sep 20: 1730-2130


  1. The link is no good, you spelt jurassic wrong

  2. typos abound. thanks for being onto it! all fixed now. ;)